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Honors Biology IB (HL1) serves as the third-year course for International Baccalaureate students who have chosen to complete the science pathway, This year-long course not only allows students to master the more advanced principles of Biology, but provides the foundation for the senior-level IB Biology course and Higher Level IB Exam.

Additionally, the curriculum at this level will require students to leverage those concepts they learned in the previous year’s Chemistry course. Some of these concepts will include:
  • Determining the polarity of a molecule
  • Solution concentration & Molarity
  • Thermochemistry & calorimetry
  • Intermolecular Forces of Attraction
  • Acids & bases
  • Unit 1 : Organic Molecules & Coumpounds
  • Unit 2: Cell Structure, Function & Homeostatsis
  • Unit 3: Nucleic acids
  • Unit 4: Protein Synthesis
  • Unit 5: Genetics
  • Unit 6: Classification
  • Unit 7: Ecology
  • Unit 8: Microbiology
  • Unit 9: Immunology
  • Unit 10: Nervous & Endocrine systems
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